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Great books, websites, and tools for software testers

A painting of a stack of books next to a desktop computer, generated by Dall-E.

Below are the resources I’ve benefitted from so far in my career as a software tester.

Books #

Quality for DevOps Teams #

Recent book about a holistic way to improve software quality, not just through testing but through improving the entire software development lifecycle.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing #

Older book but still great, also includes how to work with software developers and end users as a tester.

Explore It! #

Important book about what a tester does when the standard test cases are covered: exploratory testing, or improving software by finding ways to break it.

Leading Quality #

Good resource on improving quality from an organisational standpoint.

The Complete Software Tester #

Comprehensive source of all things software testing.

Eloquent JavaScript #

If you want to go beyond simple test scripts in test automation, it’s time to learn the basics of software development. This entire book is available for free online, and teaches the essentials in bite-sized portions.

Websites #

Test Automation University #

Great free resource to learn test automation.

BlazeMeter University #

Good resource for learning performance testing.

FreeCodeCamp #

Collection of blog posts about software testing. They also have a learning resource on testing websites.

Google Testing Blog #

Updated sporadically, the test engineers and SDETS at Google talk about software quality at scale.

Software Testing Weekly #

Weekly software testing blog.

Ministry of Testing #

Resource to learn about software testing.

Hacker News #

Great place to find articles and news on all things related to technology.

Tools #

Greenshot (Windows) #

Screenshot tool for Windows. Allows testers to complement bug reports with screenshots.

Skitch (MacOS) #

Screenshot tool for MacOS.

Notepad++ (Windows) #

Greatly enhanced version of Notepad, with the ability to add user extensions to it. Great for comparing files, open multiple tabs of text files, and for highlighting syntax of programming languages.

ScreenToGif (Windows) #

A way for testers to show how they reproduced a bug, by recording (a part of) the screen and saving to the .gif format.