Jorrit Gorseman

About me

Born in Rotterdam about 26 odd years ago, I’ve spent the majority of my life so far in the Netherlands. When I was sixteen I spent a year studying at a high school in a little town called Rockford, Michigan. That and the summer holidays with my family opened me up to a love of traveling. For university I decided to go to Scotland to study philosophy and psychology, and I graduated in the midst of 2020, ready for the next chapter in life.

I’ve spent about a decade working part-time jobs during high school and university. I’ve worked in retail, fast food, healthcare, and more, but at the end I realised I loved working with computers the most. So I decided to sign up for a traineeship in IT, which I’m doing at the moment.

Some of my hobby’s are reading, running, longboarding, learning to dance salsa, and playing board- and videogames with good friends. I’ve started this blog as a place to write about thing I’ve been thinking about or working on.

What I’m doing at the moment

I’m currently enrolled in a fulltime IT-traineeship. Besides that, I’m spending time running, playing boardgames with friends, and tinkering with hugo (it powers this blog), and the CLI.

Music I’m enjoying at the moment:

  • Jacob Collier
  • Peggy Gou
  • José Gonzalez
  • Zero 7

Series I’m watching:

  • Silicon Valley
  • Mare of Easttown